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‘Having heard of friends and family who had struggled with breastfeeding, it was hugely important for me to feel prepared for the journey ahead. Luci and I had two antenatal home sessions towards the end of my pregnancy, and a further home session once our daughter had arrived, where she completely inspired me through her teaching and demystified the process of breastfeeding.


As a first time Mum it was an incredible relief, and so reassuring to meet such a caring, supportive and passionate practitioner who helped me acknowledge and openly discuss my concerns and fears in addition to navigating the very intimate but also sometimes technical relationship of breastfeeding. When our daughter struggled to feed in those first few days, because of Luci’s brilliant coaching, I felt confident to hand express colostrum into syringes to ensure our daughter got what she needed; my email to Luci from the hospital got a super speedy response with reassurance and coaching; at a time of such emotional intensity it was truly wonderful to know she was there to contact.


Our daughter gained weight, and went on to feed very happily and confidently. Luci’s extensive experience meant that we were introduced to paediatric cranial osteopath Felicity Bertin who was able to help us on our journey.

The coaching, resources and inspiration that Luci provided, will remain with me'. 


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