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Tuesdays & Fridays

(Initial consultations up to 1.5hrs)

The private clinics are at Lincoln House, in Princes Risborough, where there are purpose built consultation rooms. 

You can book an appointment online or contact us directly by phone or email. If there isn’t a time available to suit you we may be able to arrange an ad hoc clinic appointment on another day.


Once you have made an appointment we would be grateful if you could complete our pre-consultation form. Having more information beforehand will save time in the consultation.


In preparation for the appointment it would be helpful if you could please bring your red book, hospital notes (if relevant) muslin, blanket and a readymade up feed for your baby if you are not breastfeeding. Also, if possible, please try to time for your baby to be hungry for about 30 minutes after the appointment start time . This is because it is useful for your baby to be able to feed straight after the procedure if it is carried out. ​A very short feed while you are waiting to be seen is not a problem if your baby is very unsettled / hungry.

 'Amazing instant results from the tongue tie procedure. Charlie went from falling asleep after 10-20 mls of milk to taking 120mls in one go, fantastic!
Such a happier baby almost instantly, Thank you so much Luci! '.


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