Our aim is to enable you to have an enjoyable and fulfilling breastfeeding experience by receiving personal and holistic support from a caring professional.

During the COVID 19 pandemic an online consultation in the comfort of your home will give you the opportunity and time 
to discuss any concerns and be helped to resolve any breastfeeding difficulties you may be experiencing.

If more practical support is needed then you will be able to arrange a clinic appointment ​after your online consultation. 



An individual consultation during pregnancy will give you the opportunity to learn about breastfeeding and feel more confident.

You will be able to discuss any personal worries and find out more about:

  • What's special about breastmilk.

  • Good positioning and attachment.

  • How breastfeeding works.

  • Normal feeding patterns.

  • How to prevent problems.


An individual consultation with you and your baby will help you achieve comfortable breastfeeding and increase confidence in your abilities. 

A detailed breastfeeding history will be taken and with your consent, examination of your baby's mouth, your breasts and your breastfeeding technique. You will be supported through any breastfeeding challenges for example: 


• Sore and/or damaged nipples 
• Thrush 
• Blocked milk ducts 
• Mastitis 
• Breast refusal 
• Weight concerns 
• Reduced milk supply

• Tongue-tie see tongue-tie page 
• Breastfeeding after breast reduction 
• Relactation 
• Breastfeeding an adopted baby 
• Expressing 
• Returning to work 
• Feeding in public places

'Luci has supported me on two breastfeeding journeys and meant I can breastfeed successfully! A real life hero for us!' 



Contact us to book a consultation or make an enquiry.  You can also book online for clinic and online consultations

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