Our aim is to provide specialist support and treatment for babies with tongue-tie who are experiencing feeding difficulties.

We can see breast and bottle fed babies up to the age of 6 months. 

During the COVID 19 pandemic, assessment and division of tongue-ties will only be taking place in our private clinics and so home visits are temporarily suspended. As the clinic appointment times will be reduced, so there is less face-to-face time, an online video consultation will be needed first. 

If you would like to be seen in clinic for tongue-tie and/or feeding support, please follow this process:

  • Book a clinic appointment

  • Book an online appointment for the day before or the morning of the clinic appointment

  • At least 2 hours before the online appointment please sign the initial consent form and complete the pre-consultation history form that you will find in the confirmation email for the online appointment.

  • After the online consultation please sign the tongue-tie consent form that you will find in the confirmation email for the clinic appointment at least 2 hours before your clinic appointment

You can contact us directly or book online.


45  minutes for initial consultation


45 minute consultations

The private clinics are at Lincoln House, in Princes Risborough, where there are purpose built consultation rooms.


In preparation for the clinic appointment it would be helpful if you could please bring a large muslin or blanket and a ready made up feed for your baby if you are not breastfeeding. Also, if possible, please try to time for your baby to be hungry for the appointment start time. This is because it is useful for your baby to be able to feed straight after the procedure if it is carried out. ​A very short feed while you are waiting to be seen is not a problem if your baby is very unsettled / hungry. During the COVID 19 pandemic you will need to wear a mask or face covering as soon as you enter the clinic building. Luci will be wearing full PPE (personal protective equipment).

Within the clinic the appearance and function of your baby's tongue will be assessed. If your baby has a tongue-tie and it is clear that it is causing feeding difficulties or feeding related problems then your baby's tongue-tie can be divided, with your consent, within the initial clinic consultation. Specialist feeding support will also be available to you. If the decision is made not to have the procedure you will be offered support with other strategies to help resolve your feeding difficulties. You can arrange for a tongue-tie division at a later date if you would prefer to work on feeding techniques first. Following a clinic appointment free online support will be available.

Online support is required prior to a clinic appointment but it can also be provided as a stand alone consultation for feeding support and for finding out more information about tongue-tie.


An online appointment is required prior to a clinic appointment to give you time to discuss your feeding history and concerns as well as the opportunity for feeding assessment and support. Photos and videos of your baby's mouth and feeding technique can be analysed at another time if your baby doesn't want to feed during the online consultation. If a tongue-tie is suspected you will be fully informed about tongue-tie assessment, treatment, the potential risks and what to expect following the procedure. There will be plenty of time for you to answer any questions and both parents are encouraged to be present. You will be told about what to expect during your clinic appointment and the measures in place to mitigate the risk of virus transmission during the current pandemic.

The pre consultation form completed prior to the online consultation will help to save time and help the preparation for your appointment.

Free follow up online support (up to 20 minutes) is available for all private clients for as long as is needed. Longer private follow up online support can be arranged.





 'Amazing instant results from the tongue tie procedure. Charlie went from falling asleep after 10-20 mls of milk to taking 120mls in one go, fantastic!
Such a happier baby almost instantly, Thank you so much Luci! '.



Contact us to book a consultation or make an enquiry.  You can also book online for clinic and online consultations

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