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About us

The Chiltern Breastfeeding Partnership is a team of specialist lactation consultants with over 30 years of experience helping families reach their feeding goals. We offer support for breastfeeding problems and suspected tongue-tie in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Luci Lishman IBCLC RGN RM  
Lactation consultant & tongue-tie specialist

"I find it a joy and privilege to support families, empowering them to have a fulfilling and enjoyable feeding experience."


Colette Rix IBCLC
Lactation consultant

"Assisting you with your feeding challenges is such a pleasure. My goal and passion is to empower you to achieve your personal feeding goals."

Melissa Brown
Administrator and receptionist

I joined the Chiltern Breastfeeding Partnership in January 2010 to assist Luci (my sister) with administration and reception duties. Holding a background in recruitment, customer service and administration, I can utilise my skills within Chiltern Breastfeeding.
Since joining, I've become a mum to two children, both of whom had tongue-ties divided by Luci. I found breastfeeding quite difficult and uncomfortable, however after having the tongue-ties divided and support from Luci, I noticed a huge difference and it enabled me to breastfeed much more comfortably and efficiently. I feel that with my first-hand knowledge and experience, I can provide support and empathy to the parents we help.

 'Luci gave breastfeeding advice that was invaluable and helped me continue breastfeeding at a very difficult time. Can’t stress enough how helpful her support and advice was.' 


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