Lactation Consultant and Tongue-tie Practitioner

I started working for the NHS in 1986 when I began my general nurse training at the Middlesex Hospital in London. I then trained as a midwife and worked at Stoke Mandeville Hospital over a 17 year period with short breaks to have my three children. The latter 7½ years were as a breastfeeding coordinator midwife. During that time I helped to set up and run the Aylesbury Breastfeeding Clinic, provided breastfeeding education for staff and expectant mothers and was involved in writing breastfeeding guidelines and documentation. 

As a midwife I found it a joy and privilege to provide breastfeeding support and made it my ambition to increase my knowledge and skills to do this more effectively. In 2006, after extensive study and clinical experience I was able to fulfil my goal of passing the exam to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.


Through ongoing study I have maintained this qualification and in 2016 I recertified by taking the exam again. 

Chiltern Breastfeeding Partnership was set up in 2007 by myself and Addy Henderson as we had a shared passion for enabling women to have a positive and enjoyable experience of breastfeeding. This enabled us to provide a private and more flexible breastfeeding support service in the community. 

Susie Samuels joined us in 2010 and, as well as providing private breastfeeding support, she helped us to provide breastfeeding education and updating for health visitors and community staff. Addy retired in 2012 and Susie left in 2015 leaving me to be the sole practitioner supported by my freelance administrator Melissa Brown.

In April 2009 I trained at Southampton Hospital to be able to perform tongue-tie division (frenulotomy) on babies under 6 months with feeding difficulties. Since then I have been doing this privately in the home and within my tongue-tie clinics. This service proved to be extremely helpful and necessary as there was originally limited NHS provision in the area. I left the NHS in September 2009 in order to meet the increasing need for this procedure.   

I have currently performed in excess of 3000 tongue-tie divisions and although I am working independently I am maintaining my nursing and midwifery registration through the work that I do and through attending appropriate study days. 


From February 2017 until December 2018 I  worked for Children Family Health Surrey NHS to help their community tongue-tie service and provide tongue-tie training for health visitors in the area. I plan to provide continuing supervision for those I trained.


I also continue to provide specialist infant feeding support as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.


In recent years I have been working closely with paediatric osteopath, Felicity Bertin, from Apple Tree Osteopaths to provide holistic support for mothers and babies within our joint free assessment and follow up clinic which we now call Chiltern Apple Tree Clinic.

I am one of the founding members of the Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners and was elected as Chair in March 2020. I am also a member of Lactation Consultants of Great Britain. I have professional indemnity insurance with Hiscox Insurance Company Limited and have been enhanced DBS checked.


As from June 2019 I am registered with the Care Quality Commission for the regulated activity of surgical procedures.

Administrator and Receptionist

I joined Chiltern Breastfeeding Partnership on a part-time freelance basis in January 2010 to assist Luci (my sister) with administration and reception duties. With my background in recruitment, customer service and administration, I am able to utilise my skills and with a very keen interest in breastfeeding and tongue-tie division, I very much enjoy the part I play within the Partnership.


Since joining, I also became a mum to two children, both of which had tongue-ties divided by Luci. I found breastfeeding quite difficult and uncomfortable, however after having the tongue-ties divided and the support Luci gave me, it made a huge difference and it enabled me to breastfeed much more comfortably and efficiently. I feel that with my first-hand knowledge and experience, I am able to provide support and empathy to the parents we help.

 'Luci gave breastfeeding advice that was invaluable and helped me continue breastfeeding at a very difficult time. Can’t stress enough how helpful her support and advice was.' 



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