Baby Hand

I can see you in-clinic to carefully assess your baby. I use  the Assessment Tool for Lingual Frenulum Function (ATLFF) developed by Alison Hazelbaker.

 I'll assess:


  • The function of your baby's tongue (movement of the tongue, including lift, extension, lateral movement, cup and spread of the tongue and wave-like action.

  • The appearance of your baby's tongue (the shape of the tip, length of the frenulum, stretchiness of the frenulum, where it attaches to the tongue and the gum ridge)


If there is a tongue-tie diagnosed, it may be appropriate to watch a latch to see if any adjustments could improve the feeding. If it is clear that everything has been done to improve the feeding, and there are still problems, then the tongue-tie can be divided with your verbal consent. 


I aim to make the procedure as gentle as possible. I will help you swaddle your baby ready for the procedure. You can then cuddle your baby while I prepare my equipment, wash my hands and put on sterile gloves.


I will then carry out the procedure. Firstly, gently lifting your baby's tongue with one finger to stretch the frenulum. I then make a small incision with sterile scissors that are curved and round-ended. I will then apply pressure under the tongue with some sterile gauze, unwrap your baby and bring him/ her over to feed. 


I will offer feeding support as needed and make sure there is no bleeding before you go home. I will also give you a pack of sterile gauze and written aftercare advice.

 'Amazing instant results from the tongue tie procedure. Charlie went from falling asleep after 10-20 mls of milk to taking 120mls in one go, fantastic!
Such a happier baby almost instantly, Thank you so much Luci! '.