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Felicity Bertin 


Felicity has over 12 years of osteopathic experience helping adults and babies to move and feel better.


As a qualified paediatric osteopath Felicity specialises in Cranial Osteopathy, Biodynamics & Reflex Integration.

  • Registered osteopath and paediatric osteopath

  • Specialisms in cranial osteopathy, biodynamics & reflex integration

  • Formed the first 'Infant Feeding & Osteopathy' course


  • Co-author of two baby weaning books

  • NCT breastfeeding peer support volounteer

 'Just thank very much to Lucy, Felicity and Colette for your help and support during such a vulnerable time. Your support, patience and guidance has meant that I am able to continue breastfeeding confidently. ' R.M.

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