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COVID-19 : 



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, adjustments have been made to ensure your safety and minimise the risk of viral transmission

  • There is an option to have an online consultation if you are unable to attend the clinic because of Covid -19 restrictions

  • If you are vulnerable to Covid-19 an online consultation can be offered first so less time is needed in the clinic. Also, masks will be worn throughout the consultation 


  • Surfaces will be wiped down between each consultation


  • Parents and accompanying adults will be required to wash their hands / use hand sanitiser with the option to wear a mask/face covering. I will be wearing personal protective equipment in line with government guidelines 


  • You are expected not to attend the clinic if you have Covid-19 symptoms and test positive 

  • Your partner, a relative or friend are welcome to accompany you to clinic appointments

Thank you, Luci

Updated 22 /06/22

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