Covid-19 pandemic change to practice

During the Covid the Covid 19 pandemic I have made adjustments to my practice to minimise the risk of viral transmission.

All consultations will be initially conducted online to reserve the clinic for more practical elements of support and reduce the face to face time. Clinic appointments can now be booked on line but an online consultation will also need to be booked for the day before the clinic or the morning of the clinic.

Consent forms will be sent to clients to sign online prior to the appointment.

All face to face consultations will take place in my clinic where I have more control over cleaning all surfaces that have had contact. Unfortunately home visits are therefore temporarily unavailable.

All clients will agree to and be expected not to attend the clinic if they or their household have had symptoms of the virus  within the 2 weeks prior to the appointment. This will of course apply to myself as the practitioner too.

There will be a gap of at least 15 minutes in between appointments to allow for wiping down surfaces and keeping social distancing between clients.

In addition to my usual infection control practices I will be changing into a uniform when I arrive at the clinic and be wearing government recommended personal protective equipment. Parents will be required to wash their hands and wear a mask / face covering.

It is preferable for only the mother and baby to attend the clinic to minimise the number of people in the room but I understand there are situations where it is more appropriate for both parents to attend so I am flexible with this.

Updated July 24th 2020


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